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Mandarin Strokes

An online resource with stroke order diagrams and much more!

Much of their information is free. But for a very small yearly fee you can have access to all aspects of their site.

They also have books and ebooks available.

Go to:


PinyinTones is a Windows text service that allows you type Pinyin with tone marks into any Windows program.
No more printing out and writing in tones by hand, no more searching through lists of symbols, no more copying-and-pasting from composition programs.
What could be simpler?
PinyinTones is free and open-source.
Optional donations to the developer are helpful!

Go to:

Online tool for Pinyin with tones

This tool takes a different approach. Enter pinyin in a browser window, using numbers to indicate tones.
Then you press a button which renders the text with proper tone marks.
Copy / Paste from your browser window into word processor document or other place you need the Pinyin text. NOTE! THE WEBSITE FOR THIS TOOL IS CURRENTLY BROKEN!

As a temporary fix, try this link: